In order for 50L Friday /kids/ to run smoothly and be fair to all participants, some simple rules and guidelines need to be followed:

Qualification and Application:

In order to participate in 50L Friday you must be a person in good standing with the kid community of second life, produce quality products, and the age of your store could be taken into account. Your store must also have its own landing point, so unfortunately a mall location with a set landing point that is not your own does not qualify.

Currently, we look for stores who we feel qualify and compliment 50L Friday /kids/ and send out an invitation packet, allowing them the chance to be in 50L Friday /kids/. Although we don't discourage your inquiries about being a participant, at this time we do not actively accept applications.

All decisions regarding acceptance or invitation to 50L Friday /kids/ are made privately, by Heath Pevensey and Rory Larnia, and no one else should be contacted for information about the event, or in response to an invitation to the event.

  Please be patient, as we have our own business and life to tend with.

Participation Guidelines:

In your designer packet you will be provided with a weekly participation form. This form should be filled out completely with all items that are listed in the form and all information filled out. The form will require the ad picture for your item (which will be used on the 50L Friday /kids/ blog) and your newest landmark. We have also added the option to put your ad into a new flickr group designed to help increase promotion of the event. Using this expected of all designers as much as possible! The forms are to be submitted to the Designer Kiosk at the landmark provided in your designer packet. This landmark is located in the sky for those of you that need to avoid lag or rezzing alot of complex items. Submission of this form to the kiosk is the ONLY way to have your store on the weekly store list for 50L Friday /kids/. All previous forms of weekly registration are no longer accepted. DO NOT actively give this LM to others unless they are a manager or employee of your store who will be dropping off your form for you.

We recommend forms be submitted by Wednesday at 1159 pm SL time of the week you are participating, but forms will be accepted into the day on Thursday to account for real life and delays. Submitting a form after 5pm slt on Thursday could result in your form not being counted, and there will be changes to that deadline if the list has to be sent early due to reasons beyond our control.

You are required to participate once each calender month to remain in the 50L Friday /kids/ event. This rule will from this point on be strictly enforced. PLEASE contact us if for some reason this is not possible for you, there are always circumstances that happen out of your control, and we are more than happy to work with you to remain in the event, but failure to contact us will result in the removal of your store from the event.


The item or items you create for the 50L Friday /kids/ event should be NEW items not released before in your store. These items should be of quality, and of worth for them to be a deal for 50L Friday /kids/ shoppers. If you would not sell the item at full price in your store, do not place it out for the 50L Friday /kids/ event. Should you wish to participate on any given week but cannot create a new item, and only as a last resort on occasion, you may put out an item from your newest set of releases for 50L. Items must NEVER be repeated in the event.

Please make sure your items are easy to locate! Your item should be visible from the landing point along with the group join sign. Customers look for the sign (provided in your designer packet) when looking through your store for the items, and it is mandatory to have the sign placed out in your store.

** Remember when making your items, using logos and other branded names and materials can violate copyright laws, and we expect designers stay away from using this type of material in their event items. Use of such materials can result in removal from the event, so please remember to keep this in mind **

Rezzing your items:

Items should be rezzed in your mainstore at the very latest by 1159 pm SL time on Thursday night. The items should remain at their 50L price from midnight Thursday until midnight on Friday night, at which point you may return them to regular price. Please do not wait until Friday to rez your item, as the list will be checked to make sure all stores who submitted their notecard are participating. Failure to contact us if you will be late could result in your removal from the event

The 50L Friday /kids/ blog:

Item previews will be posted on this blog Thursday night, and we may run other articles on the blog related to 50L Friday /kids/ and it's designers. We also keep a  list of active designers and their slurls on the blog as well.

Failure to follow any of the guidelines of 50L Friday /kids/ once you are accepted will result in removal from the event. There are many stores to look after and many customers we would all like to see return to our stores, and we simply won't have time to give warning after warning. This is at the sole discretion of the Coordinators.

Please also keep in mind that we expect merchants in the 50L Friday /kids/ event to conduct themselves as upstanding members of the SL kids community, as a reflection on the rest of the merchants also participating in the event. You will also need to make sure that any members of the 50L Friday team are not banned from your store location.

Above all, have fun!

**please note all information is also available inworld at the 50L Friday Designer kiosk for designers*

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Heath Pevensey or Rory Larnia ONLY, and please contact us inworld via IM or notecard.

50L Friday /kids/ team:

Organizers: Rory Larnia and Heath Pevensey
Moderators: Emma Burks, Audra Graves

Founder: Kylei Benoir