Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to write a quick post and sorta roughly explain the updates that will be taking place hopefully starting next week!  As you all can see there is a SLURL tab on the blog, this has every active merchant involved in 50L Friday!

There will no longer be notecards sent in a list instead the shoppers will be able to pick up a HUD that will allow them to TP around to all your stores.  I'm not totally sure yet how the HUD works because it was too late last night after Young Citizens Society class at Oceanside but I am going to be figuring that out today and will hopefully be able to launch the new system updates later today.

I also wanted to point out something to you all who have been discussing with me the fairness of the acceptance process.  I've taken some advice and shifted some things allowed including pushing the number of months you must run the business you are applying to put in 50L Friday.  Many of you had approached me about your feeling that 3 months was not enough especially since all over "us", the business owners who have been open for years, had to put so much work into getting out store names out and now it's kinda handed to new business owners.  So I made the adjustment to 6 months to be fair to everyone who has worked really hard but to not be impossible for those new business owners to join in at the appropriate time.

I think that's everything I wanted to touch base on briefly so stay turned, merchants you will be getting new group joiners later that are all scripted and I'll need you to replace your old sign so that the HUD will work with the new.

Once again thank you to everyone who makes this possible each week... all of the designers and especially all of the shoppers who go around every week and support us thank you so much!

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  1. great idea with the huds, looking forward to the update =]