Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fifty Linden Fridays /kids/:49 (October 1, 2010)

It's been 49 very long and mostly enjoyable weeks and I'm so excited that this is week 1 of a halfway revamped system.  I'm sure this will make things much easier on us all in the future and that this new way will prove to be much more effective.  Merchants, here's the best part, if you're suppose to be on this list just poke me and I'll be sure to update the blog to include you.

Shoppers, make sure you bookmark the blog and check back for updates and for new lists each week.  To get to the store location just click the links below and it will give you the SLURL.  Click back on your browser to return to the list, we do hope you enjoy the new system and find it much easier than shuffling through tons of notecards and landmarks.  TGIFLF!

Baby Couture
Tiny Spaces
Sweet Moments
Inner Peace
Larnia Kids
Rawr Muffinz
Small Poses
Twiple Twouble
Angelic Visions
Vannah Babiez
Daydream Kids & Sweet Shoe
Little Ones Couture
Jumpin' Jacks
Dollee Pocket
Vicarious Vitae
Punky Lil Rainbow
Dream Doll
Just Kidding
Candii Kitten
Miinii Inc.

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