Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fifty Linden Fridays /kids/:75 (April 14, 2011)

Official list for Fifty Linden Friday /kids/ week 75:

Please note, 50L Friday is NOT ending regardless what you've heard of other events being replacements.  50L Friday is run by Kylei Benoir and the other staff listed under the Guidelines tab of this blog and is not ending or being replaced my any other sales events geared toward the kid community.

Baby Couture
Jellybeans & GG Creations
So Berry Liscious
Inner Peace
Absolute Girls
Rainy Day Kidz
Candii Kitten
Larnia Kids
Dollee Pocket
Rawr Muffinz
Babydoll's Boutique
Twiple Twouble
Jumpin' Jacks
Designer Kidz
Bunny Creek
LVS Kids
Tiny Spaces
Dream Doll
Vicarious Vitae
S&B Spronkwing's Bookstore

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