Thursday, June 9, 2011

50L Friday 6/10/2011

Hello 50L Friday shoppers!

I have had such an amazing time running 50L Friday for the past year and a half and I"m so excited for the future of the event!!!  For some time now I have been struggling to keep it going and nearly sunk a few times but instead I turned to some really good friends of mine.

I'm so happy to announce that "The Larnia Brats" will be the new Coordinators of the 50L Friday /kids/ event.  I will be in the background doing some things and keeping the blog running but they will handle everything else.

They love 50L Friday /kids/ and have been part of it since the VERY BEGINNING when it was invite only and there were only 12 stores each week.   Together with Audra they will do an amazing job and run 50L Friday with the same passion and love as I did and I'm looking forward to handing them "my baby" to take care of.

Happy Shopping!

p.s.  I'm NOT going anywhere and my stores are not going anywhere either!

<3 Kylei

Designers please keep your eyes open for a packet that Heath will be sending out to you tomorrow.  The Guidelines on the website are updated so make sure you take a look, there are some really important things to know.

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