Thursday, April 12, 2012

50L Friday /kids/ Designer Spotlight! 04/12/12

Welcome to the FLF Kids Designer Spotlight! Each week a designer from our current 50L Friday /kids/ store list will be interviewed and highlighted to give shoppers more insight into designers who make FLF Kids what it is!

This week we visit Baby Pie with owner Gabrielle Gregory! Baby Pie is a great store with lots of clothing and items for little girls! Here is what Gabby had to say as this week's spotlight designer!

1. How did you get started as a store owner?

I'd been designing clothing in the SL adult world since 2005, and I needed a fresh change of scenery. My very best friend in both RL and in SL, Izzy Wescott, tried to convince me several times that I would enjoy making children's clothing.  At the time, I didn't know a lot about the SL kid's world but once I got involved I was addicted.  It's such a great community, very involved and very active.  I'm blessed to be part of it.  I owe my involvement to Izzy, without her support I never would have taken that step and become a kid av, and now I can't imagine what I might be doing if I hadn't!

2. What do you feel are your favorite products you have made?

My favorite design is "Daddy's Little Army."  My RL father was in the military, and I spend time with my SL dad blowing things up and being silly, and I made it for them.  I'm a daddy's girl by nature, and so creating something for the "daddy's girls" made me extremely happy.

Some of my others include "Vintagelove", and "Willow," because I personally adore shabby, vintage looking patterns.

3. What would you like your customers to know the most about your store, or what things are you most proud of about your business?

I'm proud of the fact that I've been able to build my store based on friendships, and based on creating things that make others happy.  I'm very quick to accept friend requests and random ideas, because a lot of the things that have been big hits have stemmed from ideas new friends have given me.  I'll never turn down a friendship, and though my friends list may be a giant disaster, I always have someone to talk to.  That's what SL is about, friendships, and I am glad Baby Pie has given me the opportunity to make so many of those.

I want my customers to know that while my IM's ARE sometimes capped, I pride myself on customer service, and I go out of my way to make sure my customers are taken care of.  Good ways to contact me are through notecards and plurk!

4. Where do you hope to take Baby Pie into the future?

I hope Baby Pie continues to grow and I hope it can a place where friends feel comfortable just standing around and browsing, or even just being silly and making new friends.

Check out Baby Pie in this week's 50L Friday /kids/ event along with many other wonderful designers!

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