Wednesday, February 22, 2012

50L Friday /kids/ Designer Spotlight!

Welcome to the FLF Kids Designer Spotlight! Each week a designer from our current 50L Friday /kids/ store list will be interviewed and highlighted to give shoppers more insight into designers who make FLF Kids what it is!

This week we visit RAWR MuFFinz  with owner Madelyn R. Mint Habercom! RAWR MuFFinz features lots of fun items for kids, including clothing, and a fun and bright style all its own! Here is what Maddie had to say as this week's spotlight designer!

1. How did you get started as a store owner?

I got started a couple years ago, clothing first. I put that aside because it really wasn't what I thought it would be *giggles* I had friends that were constantly making things, bedroom sets and toys, so they started me off with that. I enjoyed it everyday, then finally got back to clothing by teaching myself from youtube videos!

2. What do you feel are your favorite products you have made?

My favs would have to be EVERYTHING, even though sometimes I say "This isnt right!", "This is going in the trash!" I have a very supportive family and friends that help me change things up or tell me "NO! it's perfect!" and in the end I believe it is perfect! :D

3. What would you like your customers to know the most about your store, or what things are you most proud of about your business?

I am most proud of it all, but it wouldn't be RAWR MuFFinz without the wonderful people in my life helping me everyday, my staff making it a happy place! The customers make me happy to see them happy, the smiles on their faces, brighten my day! I love having random sales here and there, sometimes when a certain amount is spent, I message the customer right away "You just won a FREE item from RAWR MUFFINZ!" It's funny to see reactions sometimes they think I'm joking or are VERY EXCITED!! Also, most of the items here are for tiny tot, but if you request it in regular kid sized, I get that done ASAP! :D

4. Where do you hope to take RAWR MuFFinz  into the future?
RaWr MuFFinz has grown so much over the years, Finally on it's new sim, Sparklez! Right now I have amazing renters, I host two events, Rawr Muffinz Kid Huntz and Weekly Random Sales. RaWr MuFFinz is surrounded by all my friends and family <3 In the furture, I hope it to be right where it is now, possibly more!

Check out RAWR MuFFinz in this week's 50L Friday /kids/ event along with many other wonderful designers!


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