Wednesday, March 7, 2012

50L Friday /kids/ Designer Spotlight!

Welcome to the FLF Kids Designer Spotlight! Each week a designer from our current 50L Friday /kids/ store list will be interviewed and highlighted to give shoppers more insight into designers who make FLF Kids what it is!

This week we visit Sassafrass with owner Abby Elle Harmison-Release! Sassafrass features lots of wonderful children and family furniture, and has been a big part of the kid community for a very long time! Here is what Abby had to say as this week's spotlight designer!

1. How did you get started as a store owner? When I had been in SL for about 6 months, I was adopted by a family of builders.  I loved watching them, and my adoptive mom and sister taught me to build. I became so addicted,  I build all the time, and so they gave me a store, and it was named Everything Kids (bet no one even heard of it lols) and the my sister at the time, had me build with her.. and I built under the Cozy Kids Name.. And then when it was time to move out on my on. I became Sassafras.

2. What do you feel are your favorite products you have made? Well, my very first product, Was an animal lunch box, a tote. I will always love that.  I love the sleep pals and always seem to go over board when  I find a new design for them (the nesting dolls were the latest design)  They are just so much fun. I do believe my favorite bedroom collection is the Memories sets.

3. What would you like your customers to know the most about your store, or what things are you most proud of about your business? That I build because I love it.  It is relaxing and such a wonderful Hobby.  I take pride in my work.  And I honestly do build to relax and because I am so addicted, but I build for all the kids too.  Hoping that maybe they can have that dream bedroom that they wanted in their dream childhood.  And also to be able to snuggle and cuddle in sl. My rp is very visual, and to see is to *feel* I think a lot of kids in SL are like that.

4. Where do you hope to take Sassafrass into the future? More family based, of course kids bedrooms, but also family beds, family livingrooms, bathrooms and so on. And I am asked daily about making some baby furniture, so I am seriously considering that.

Check out Sasafrass in this week's 50L Friday /kids/ event along with many other wonderful designers!

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