Wednesday, March 14, 2012

50L Friday /kids/ Designer Spotlight!

Welcome to the FLF Kids Designer Spotlight! Each week a designer from our current 50L Friday /kids/ store list will be interviewed and highlighted to give shoppers more insight into designers who make FLF Kids what it is!

This week we visit Candii Kitten with owner Candii Destiny! Candii Kitten is a long time participant in 50L Friday /kids/, and features a large selection of girls clothing and accessories, fun items and wonderful poses! Here is what Candii had to say as this week's spotlight designer!

1. How did you get started as a store owner?

November 2007 is when Candii Kitten first opened it's doors :)

2. What do you feel are your favorite products you have made?

Oh gosh ummm... Recently, the Hanna Rockstar outfit umm Sprinkle, Jess... I know I'm not the greatest at it, but I LOVE making poses. So any of the poses are my favorite, too. :)

3. What would you like your customers to know the most about your store, or what things are you most proud of about your business?

Um, well like I said, I been around since 2007. I closed due to RL for a short period of time back in July.. but for those who didn't know... I'M BACK! :D And I'll be part of the Pose Fair this year and the Live Laugh Love Fair and I'm super excited for both. :D And I'm most proud of having learned to make clothes back in 08 and learning to make poses last year, which until Katey Coppola helped me... they looked like they had tourettes or they were the exorcist... (sorry to anyone who ever bought my original poses lol) So thank you Katey for helping me! :D Pose fair, YAY! :DDD

4. Where do you hope to take Candii Kitten into the future?

I hope that Candii Kitten will be around for a while and I hope that I can make some amazing new clothes & poses that people will enjoy. I started Candii Kitten because I LOVE designing and I know that I'm going to continue loving it for a long time to come. :D

Check out Candii Kitten in this week's 50L Friday /kids/ event along with many other wonderful designers!

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